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The details of my childhood are quite inconsequential -Dr Evil

1982 corresponds to the opening of the Australian National Gallery in Canberra; 2 years beforehand George Lucas' The Empire Strikes Back was released and Return Of The Jedi would be released a year after; Sheryl Crow was 20, young and aspiring and in four years would be singing backing vocals on Michael Jackson's BAD tour - 20 years later her fourth studio album, C'mon c'mon would be released; Michael Jordan would have just scored the game-winning basket which led to his NBA selection; my brother had been walking the earth for 7 years and his wife, 6; my parents for 36 and 30; it was 20 years before I met the someone special I cherish in my life, who is my newfound source of strength and happiness. It is for her that this site is here.

What can I say? I've had it good to this point in my life. 20 years down, many more to look forward to I'm sure. I'm an artist. I'm a teacher. Well, I try...REALLY HARD! Looking back at my school years, they were what made me what I am today. Friendships built strong that still remain. It created foundations still existent and I would go back now without hesitation, but we must move on in life...that's natural. University too has built on this experience that my life is, given freedom to work, to create, to compel... to conspire (G1:Gumbylisation...thanks Christian!!!) Artistic freedom too is given, but lecturers want to see their own ideas in your art, so to get a pass, and pass well, artistic freedom drops into a deep and black chasm. People say that the friendships you make at university are the one's that last the test of time - I hope that is true, because I have a great bunch at uni, and without them I may have fallen into a boredom induced coma on several occasions :P

Music, to a great extent, makes me. Wherever I am, a melody follows me, or I create one. I listen to real music - sounds made by musical instruments and singers rather than computers and the like. From Sheryl Crow, Bon Jovi, No Doubt, Alanis, Garbage, Jewel to The Beatles, music I could say, I really need. I like to draw, doodle, scribble...and ramble. I like to paint, quite hopelessly though. Photography is a passion - one day I hope the quality catches up with the quantity. I enjoy the movies, going for walks, and just hanging out with friends and loved ones.

I hope that you enjoy this site. Christian Cuello admits that the quality of works found on this site cannot be found in any art book, but I believe that one day they will. Dreams - stay true to them.

Everyday is a winding get a little bit feeling fine -Sheryl Crow